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Wellness with Annelize

A specialist in clinical Ayurveda and therapeutic Yoga, Annelize's approach to healing and wellness is integrative in nature. She works with a combination of traditional Indian medicine, healing bodywork, Yoga, diet & lifestyle coaching, to build a unique protocol for each client. She brings decades of experience and knowledge when meeting with her clients and is passionate about sharing just how powerful natural medicine can be in supporting health. 

At Shakti Wellness you can be sure to to receive compassionate care and guidance in a way that aligns with who you are and what you need in this moment.  Depending on the nature of your wellness service, Annelize offers the option of meeting in-person or via tele-health.

Ready to learn more?

Discovery Call

If you're curious about how Ayurveda or Therapeutic Yoga can help you, we encourage all prospective clients to schedule a discovery call. Have your questions answered and learn if this is a good option for you.

via Telehealth.  

Body Constitution Analysis | Enhance Health

A personalized introduction to Ayurveda! If you're feeling generally healthy and want to know how to boost your wellness, this is for you. Ayurveda offers so much for preserving the health of the healthy and enhancing well-being. In this session we will focus on identifying your natural Body Constitution or Prakruti as we call it. You will learn about the three governing energies knowns asVata, Pitta and Kapha. By gaining an understanding of what Ayurveda recommends, along with knowing your Prakruti, you will be able to fine tune the best types of foods, the right exercise, and set up our daily and seasonal routines to maintain your health.


In-Person or via Telehealth.  

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