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Shakti Guided Path | Monthly Wellness Plan

NEW! Shakti Guided Path

(Monthly Wellness Membership)

Shakti Guided Path wellness coaching, rejuvenation, , guidance on healthy living to create Shakti Guided Path. 


Our unique monthly wellness membership is for those who seek dedicated time for maintaining well-being of mind, body and spirit. Each monthly session is 75 mins in length & an opportunity to

explore healing tools or go deeper on your path.

Click here to see what's calling you.


Healing Therapy

Book as you go

Express Well Check

 30 mins

Need a quick home remedy for a common ailment -  cough, cold, hives, stomach upset? Best for quick wellness check to get natural rememdies. 

 Also good as a way to reconnect with breathwork, meditation or a combination
for a mind-body reset.


Offered Via Telehealth

Bundles Availale

Focused Well Session 

60 Minute

May be booked anytime after your initial Ayurvedic Consultation. May be booked for mind-body reset through guided breathwork, meditation or a combination; or coaching on meal prep, daily routines, sleep rituals. 


Offered In-person or via Telehealth

Bundles Availalbe 

Healing Bodywork
75 Min

Click here to read more about our 

healing bodywork services. 

A brief 15 minute video call 

is required for first time clients. 

Schedule Intro call here.

Offered at Shakti Wellness Space

Bundles Availalbe 

Wellness Bundles 

Wellness Bundles may be used for private therapeutic yoga or movement sessions, Ayurvedic Bodywork, Wellness coaching for cooking, daily routines, self-care and more. Wellness bundles may be shared with family members. May be purchased after initia assessment (Yoga, Ayurvedic or Enhance Wellness). 

National Flower

Single Session 

National Flower

3 Session Bundle

National Flower

5 Session Bundle

Wellness Bundles 

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