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At Shakti we work with two of the most ancient and profound sister sciences, Yoga and Ayurveda. 
Both healing modalities are known for supporting the mind-body system as a whole - so there isn't a way to separate the two, really. What this means is that you'll most likely be introduced to one at first and as you keep going on this beautiful journey of self-discovery, just like a close family friend, you'll soon meet the other (sister science, that is). 

Navigating your health in a holistic way is accessible
& do-able with the right guidance. 

When we welcome Yoga or Ayurveda into our lives, we give ourselves an opportunity to define what health truly means for us. It's like setting the GPS for wellbeing fine-tuned for your unique self! 

Where you begin is up to you and depends on what your mind & body need right now.
When it comes to our health, it's the act of taking that first step makes a difference.

Image by Carl Barcelo

 Customized Asana Practice  

(Musculo-Skeletal Alignment, Pain Relief)

Image by Ashley Batz

 Ayurvedic Wellness Assessment 

(Habits, Foods, Herbs,

Skin, Lifestyle & Guidance)

Relaxing Candles

Shakti Bliss Session

(Nourish your Mind & NervouSystem

Still have questions? Schedule a complimentary consultation with me and we'll be happy
to help you navigate. 

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