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Complimentary Consultation

Curious to know if this is

a good fit for you? Set up some time to ask questions, get information on what holistic wellness entails before you book. Phone call or via Zoom. 


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Holistic Wellness Assessment

This 90 minute session sets the foundation for our work together. This in-depth session offers your body type (constitution), clarity on health goals and a detailed wellness plan for foods, daily routines and suggested herbal formulations. In-Person or via Zoom.


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Balancing Rocks

30 Minute Session

Best for a quick follow up or a short and sweet mind-body tune up such as yogic breathwork or meditation. Via Zoom.



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60 Minute Session

Ideal for a more in-depth follow up or guidance on specific topics such as skin care, setting up a home yoga routine, cooking lessons, meal planning, or guided meditation and sound session. In-person or via Zoom.

$101 | Bundles Available

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