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-Navigating a path towards holistic health-

Thank you for stopping by to learn about our updated wellness services now available in
Shakti's new space. 
Both Ayurveda & Yoga are known to work on the mind-body system as a whole so there is no way to separate the two, really.

When the body receives targeted healing, the mind benefits, and vice versa.
What you see listed below in the three categories are more of a guide for you to
help you understand where you want to begin this journey, this exploration of holistic balance.
The important thing to remember is that no matter where you begin,
you will receive what you most need.

It's the act of beginning something good that makes a difference.

Image by Carl Barcelo

 Customized Asana Practice  

(Musculo-Skeletal Alignment)

Image by Ashley Batz

Holistic Ayurvedic Assessment 

(Habits, Foods, Skin, Lifestyle Guidance)

Relaxing Candles

Shakti Bliss Session

(Support your Mind & NervouSystem

Still have questions? Schedule a complimentary consultation with me and we'll be happy
to help you navigate. 

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