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"Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
- Albert Einstein

One-on-One Yoga & Therapeutic Movement 

Image by Antonika Chanel

 Therapeutic Yoga Assessment
& Initial Session

(90 Min)



Yoga Wall Special 

 (75 Min)

National Flower

Single Session 

National Flower

3 Session Bundle

National Flower

5 Session Bundle

All private sessions in the bundles are 75 minutes  & held at our wellness studio location during the weekdays between the hours of 9:30 - 4:30pm. Private sessions must be scheduled in advance.

Yoga as a healing modality is abundant with its' unique, time-tested tools for almost every type of imbalance we might experience as humans. So how do we know what's best for us? How do we learn more about our own bodies - what makes us feel better, when to push, when to tone it down? How do we learn when to change it up

if it isn't working? How do we learn that there IS another way?

Here come the gifts of practicing yoga in a one-on-one setting with an experienced teacher.
It not only expedites the learning and assimilation of the practice but also moves at a pace that is set just for you.

One-on-one sessions allow us the time to experience relief from chronic pains and stressors that we may be facing as a by-product of living in this modern (and lovely), fast-paced world. 

Our bodies go through so much in a lifetime - enduring daily stressors, ailments, life changes and so much more.

We naturally remain in a constant state of fluctuation, with a consistent desire for balance.
That's the way it's meant to be. 

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