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10-Day Spring Tune Up

A cleanse during this transition from winter to spring allows for a physical, mental and emotional reset if we gradually begin to incorporate seasonally appropriate foods, exercise, and practices into our daily routines.

Feeling ready to enter this new season with a clearer mind & healthier body?

Over the course of this program (beginning with your consultation through the end of your 10- day cleanse) you will learn about and experience the foundational principles that Ayurveda offers for each of us to resonate more smoothly with the rhythms of nature. 

This is a natural and sustainable way to boost your immunity!

This Spring Tune Up is open to everyone and yes, even folks who don't have any specific health concerns. It can be especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from
allergies, digestive or skin imbalances, fatigue, stress, anxiety and/or chronic pain. 

I will be taking a maximum of 7 participants

to ensure that everyone receives thorough guidance and care during this process. If you'd like all the details, then please continue reading below or if you're eager to book your spot right away,
click here

You'll get all the details in your confirmation email. Registration opens 3/5. 

 FEE |  $227

-  Individual Consultation (60 Mins)

- Kick Off Session  (4/11, 45 Mins)

- 1/2 way Check-in (4/16, 30 Mins)

Individual follow up (30 Mins, Schedule after your 10 days)

- A lovingly curated kit that includes digestive tea blends, spices, massage oil, body scrub

& essential dry ingredients for your meals : Organic Basmati Rice, Organic Moong Dal, Organic Cultured Ghee

- Recipes

- A Wellness Plan


3/5 - 3/13 Registration Window

3/15 - 4/6 Set up & Receive your 60 Min Wellness Consultation 

4/9 - 4/10 Schedule Curbside Pick-up for your Tune Up Kit

4/11 (4:30 - 5:15pm) Attend Spring Tune Up Kick Off Session via Zoom 

4/12 - 4/21 10 Day Program 

*Details will be shared prior to 4/11

Spring Tune Up 2021: Welcome
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