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  • I'm new to Shakti, where should I begin?
    A complimentary consultation is the best place to begin. Whether you are looking to join a group class, sign up for a private yoga/movement sessions, or you need help with understanding Ayurveda / holistic wellness - it's always helps to have your questions answered! Ultimately, it should feel right for you. Set up your complimentary consultation by clicking here. If you plan to join in person, we can set up a visit during our chat or send an email to schedule a time to drop by our studio and wellness space.
  • I'm new to Yoga, how do I know which class is right for me?
    Whether you are new to yoga or returning after a long time we recommend you set up a complimentary call with us or send us an email. We have a few different types of yoga & fitness classes that we offer at the studio. Finding the right class for you is what helps us stay healthy and strong. The right practice for exactly what you need will make all the difference! We look forward to meeting you soon.
  • How are private yoga/therapeutic movement sessions different from a group yoga class?
    Our group yoga classes offer more of a general yoga practice in regards to the yoga asanas and sequencing. One-on-one sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs based upon information received from your intake & consultation. Many people benefit from attending group yoga classes. It's a great way to build community, to be inspired by others and to have a regular routine of a healthy practice! Private sessions may be taken to supplement group practice especially if you want guidance with learning or practicing some yoga asanas that we may not be able to cover in class for various reasons. Those may include inversions or modifications for certain posture, etc. Sometimes you may book private yoga sessions because life is too full and you can't make the regular group classes - but you know you need and want yoga in your life. Our private sessions are recommended for : - athletes, dancers - those who endure rigorous training; - anyone with chronic pain; - managing severe anxiety or stress; - anyone preparing for or recovering from injury or surgery; - who are brand new to yoga (a few private sessions can help you begin yoga with a solid foundation); and for many other reasons, not all of which can be mentioned here. Wondering if you need to be a yoga student to book a private session? Absolutely not! In fact you don't need to know anything about Yoga to set up a one-on-one session. You will be guided through every aspect of the practice. Annelize's brings her years of training and knowledge into each session to offer you the most effective combination of yoga/movement. Depending on what your goals are you may work on the Yoga wall or receive assisted stretching. You may be guided through therapeutic exercises from Somatics, dance or martial arts! It's very likely that you'll be offered breathwork, mudras or mantras are best for you. The options are plenty and the outcome reflects this.
  • What is Ayurveda?
    Dating back at least 5,000 years, Ayurveda is one of South Asia’s longest standing traditional holistic medical practices. We can say that Ayurveda is Yoga's sister science. Both teach us how to live in harmony with environment, how to tune into our natural rhythms and enjoy health so that we can be out in the world as strong, healthy people. In Ayurveda we say "health is wealth" as the health of our minds and bodies is at the base of how well we work, communicate, digest, rest and grow - isn't it? Ayurveda is a holistic practice and so much of what has been mentioned in the ancient texts is still relevant today. Perhaps, more relevant - due to our fast-paced lives. Getting familiar with Ayurveda on any level gives you a chance to learn about your body constitution. It can help you understand what activities and foods will keep you stay strong and healthy, as well as, where areas of imbalance can arise. You'll gain insight on best practices for daily living, foods, exercise, lifestyle and much more. In short, Ayurveda is a practice that gives us both the knowledge & the tools for taking health into our own hands! Curious about this? Set up a complimentary call with Annelize to learn more.
  • Is Ayurveda helpful even if I don't have any major health concerns?
    Absolutely! Even if you feel healthy you can always learn more about how to enhance your health. That's one of Ayurveda's goals - "sustaining the health of the healthy". Through a Holistic Wellness Assessment you'll gain lots of information on how to stay balanced and strong, how to boost your immunity as well as tips on seasonal cleanses, diet and exercise that’s right for your body type.
  • How soon can I expect to see results from Yoga or Ayurveda?
    This really depends on so many factors - what you're working with, how easy it is for you to make changes, what support systems you have in place and so on and so forth. For some it could be after one session, or possibly after two, three or more sessions. Once we assess areas of focus and identify your health goals we might be able to come up with a generalized time frame. Regardless of a target date, it's important to know that each and every time you make a good choice for your mind/body - you are creating positive ripples in the whole system. So results come in flashes, they can also be observed through how you're starting to experience life!
  • I’m currently on prescription medications. Are Ayurvedic herbs effective?
    Yes, Ayurvedic herbs are safe and yet very effective when applied in the right context and under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Please note that Ayurvedic herbs and formulations can only be suggested for you after a proper assessment has been completed. We cannot suggest anything based on one or two symptoms as this is not the holistic approach. If you do receive suggestions for herbal remedies you are still expected to continue medications prescribed by your Primary Care Physician. As we work together we’ll look at how to adjust your foods, exercise, lifestyle to support your health. This combination with the herbs are what make the changes in our overall system. Both Yoga & Ayurveda have a lot to offer when it comes to many of our current day ailments, some examples include but are not limited to : -High blood pressure; -Anxiety & Depression; -Metabolic Disorders such as Obesity, High cholesterol, Diabetes; -Chronic stress; -Thyroid imbalances; -Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, - Digestive disorders - IBS, Constipation
  • Do you work with kids?
    Yes, we work with kids in one-on-one settings to offer Yoga and Ayurveda as therapeutic modalities. We can support those as young as infants while working closely with the mother or parents. We can support young children and their families with regard to : -ADHD -digestive concerns (IBS, Constipation, malabsorption) -Anxiety, memory -Sinus congestion, ear infections -speech, and much more. We also offer coaching for parents to start implementing holistic practices for their children such as such as oil massage, meditation, parent-child yoga for bonding and much more! Reach out and let us know how we can help you.
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