Namaste & Welcome

I invite you to sit down, take a deep breath and be present. 

Each one of us has the ability to maintain a state of equilibrium.  

If we find that we have somehow moved away from health, become disconnected,

then it time to remember that the power to heal ourselves lies within.

With the right information and guidance we can be successful. 

Ayurveda and Yoga offer us time-tested principles to cultivate the habits that create a 

path towards equilibrium. If you are familiar with the principle of self-healing or are open to understanding how it works, then you're in the right place.  My work with each client

begins with an in-depth consultation to understand their unique constitution and primary health goals. I then create a custom wellness plan (diet, lifestyle & yoga/exercise)

and continue guidance as they work towards their goals.  

In my experience this approach is effective in correcting current imbalances

and goes further, to prevent or minimize any future ailments. This is the natural result of working on the whole person, addressing the mental, physical and emotional levels together versus targeting individual areas. 

Now that you've made it here, do you feel you are ready for a positive shift? 

Or perhaps as you read this, you thinking of a family member or friend who might

benefit from this holistic guidance? For anyone feeling that they could be operating

at a more optimal level right now, trust your instincts and then find out

what it takes to bring yourself back into alignment.

What's the best that can happen? 

I invite you to connect with me & learn more about how Shakti Wellness can support you in staying healthy and living well.   


Wellness Therapist & Guide


Located inside Studio Kailash | 12636 Research Blvd, Suite C-206, Austin, TX 78759