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    Our Seasonal Wellness Specials

Spring is the perfect time for deep cleaning and detoxifying as we gear up for a fresh start! Step outside and look around at the trees, the falling leaves, do you see what's being shed?  Do you notice the dry shrubs and weeds waiting to be cleaned up? As we come out of the cool winter months, it's natural to have a desire
to purge and feel lightness. Why limit spring cleaning to your house, garage or that over-stuffed closet?



Let's take charge of our health, hit reset for our bodies and minds. Set a positive intention 
and be ready to find what that best version of yourself truly feels like.

3 Ways to Reset w/Shakti this Spring : 

1) Join our Guided Spring Cleanse | 6 Livestream Sessions (join from anywhere)
2) Experiece Custom One-on-One Wellness  (in-person or via Tele-health)
3) Receive The Ultimate Shakti Reset (limited availability) 

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Guided Spring Cleanse
(An Intro to Ayurveda & practical Holistic Wellness)

 Livestream Sessions + 1 Recorded 

 April 9th - May 21st, 2024 (off 4/23)
Tuesdays @ 7:30pm CST

Learn core principles of Ayurveda for staying healthy through seasonal changes & all year long. Reset your mind & body with healthy habits to bring relief from seasonal allergies, digestive discomfort, skin imbalances and inflammation. 

(Each week we covers a specific topic such as food, exercise, sleep

& self-care practices). This is a low-comittment program with numerous benefits! 

+ Complimentary Pass for yoga or conditioning class at our studio

or via Livestream 

(Choose from Shakti Conditioning, Emobodied Flow, Intutitive HIIT,

Gentle or Full Moon Restorative Practice on 4/23)


Shakti Monthly Members receive 20% OFF

Custom Wellness 

Enhance your Spring cleanse with customized wellness and receive a 20% discount on our signature services, with this high-value bundle : 

  • An In-depth Ayurvedic Consultation* 

  • A Personalized cleansing protocol with recommendations on Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations**, foods, lifestyle practices & yoga / exercise 

  • A Special Focus Session for Wellness Coaching or Bodywork (see options below)

    • Ayurvedic Body Massage

    • Massage w/medicated Bolus Therapy (ex. for Frozen shoulder, neck stiffness, lower back)

    • Ayurvedic Head, Face & Feet Massage 

    • Swedish Massage with Assisted Stretching

    • Relaxation Massage with Sound Healing, Ayurvedic Accupressure & Guided Meditation

  • Post-Cleanse Consultation*

  • This bundle also includes access to the Guided Spring Wellness Program
    (6 Livestream Sessions)

*In Person via Tele-health
**Cost of herbs vary & will be shared with protocol. 

Original Price $720 

Natural Herbs
Face Massage

The Ultimate Shakti Reset

Shakti is a sanskrit word that evokes the essence of a fierce, potential energy.

This is the type of energy we call upon for intentional transformation. This bundle is called the Ultimate Shakti Reset for the powerful combination that Yoga & Ayurveda will offer you as you embark on this journey of enhancing your wellbeing. From cleansing to strengthening and into rejuvenation, these healing modalities have it all.  With this bundle you receive everything with Custom Wellness plus a combination of services from the list below, depending on your needs (to be determined during our initial call & Wellness Assessment).

  • an in-person Yoga & Therapeutic Movement consultation to assesses your flexibility, posture, strength, balance & mobility. (90 mins)

  • Private Yoga Sessions In-Person* (75 mins)

  • Private Zoom Sessions (30 mins, Mindfulness coaching)

  • A Complimentary 4-Class Flex Pass to attend group studio classes

This package requieres committment due to the nature of the work & coaching sessions
you will receive. Due to this, we
 kindly request you to  schedule a meeting with Annelize 
to discuss your goals, readiness and most importantly,
see if this is the right program
for you at this time. 

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