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Liquid Drop
                                   JAYA                       Academy for Graceful Warriors

Welcome to Shakti's newest addition and long-awaited youth branch with programs

serving young children, teens and families. 

      Our mission is to nurture the mind and body as a whole starting at a young age.

This is reflected in the programs we offer, our teaching philosophy

and the environment we create during training sessions.

We understand the privilege and responsibility we have as educators and role models  in your children's lives. We are here to support parents and caregivers by offering programs that encourage the innate qualities of compassion and mindfulness

present within all children. May they guide actions and decisions as they grow
and step deeper into self-awareness. 

It is our hope that through JAYA we create a community of individuals who realize that all the goodness they willingly choose to cultivate will enriches their lives, their immediate community and go way beyond - serving a greater purpose!

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