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Fall 2022

Saturdays Mornings 10:30 - 11:15am
Recommended for ages 5 - 13 yrs

*Instructions for Parents :
1. Create a profile for yourself and then "ADD family member/s (Child/children)" 
This way you can enroll your child/children in the classes. Thank You!
2. Click here for guidance on setting up your account, it's easy :)
3. Purchase a Flex Class Pass (used for in-person or livestream & available for parents to share). With your pass you may sign up for classes on monthly basis.

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 JAYA STRONG is Shakti's mind-body practice for youth. Honoring the traditions of Hatha Yoga and Kalaripayattu (Indian Martial Arts) these practices are still relevant in our modern world. Our students build strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. This is a hybrid style class that works with each student's level. If your child is interested in participating we feel it's important to have them come and try a class or observe to see if it's something that feels right for them. We welcome all levels in class, as everyone is exactly where they need to be. No pressure and no competition We train with our own bodies and occasional use of props for target training and balance. We go through routine warm ups, traditional sequences, animal postures and breathwork to enhance focus and endurance. We train indoors at the studio. 

It's amazing to witness our young people building awareness of their own bodies in space, as well as a deeper sense of comfort and confidence in who they are and of what they're capable. Strength. Grace. Compassion. Awareness.

Spring 2022 Group
Elephant Pose
Peacock Pose
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