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 JAYA Yoga & Movement Lab 

 January - May 2022
at Magellan International School (Anderson Lane Campus)

Everything we offer through Shakti Yoga and our youth branch  JAYA  is created in alignment with the season, the students who attend and for the purpose of supporting the individual and collective wellbeing of the group. This semester we are excited to offer our Yoga & Movement Lab. This is a great class for kids who love to move and are open to learning new ways of feeling strong, healthy, flexible and centered.

  • Every class takes the students through a guided warm up rooted in yoga or it's sister practice (Kalaripayattu - an Indian martial art). 

  • Sound, music, rhythm is a core component of this program. We'll enjoy a mix of global / world music in our sessions. 

  • The movement lab portion of class is set up as as a playful structure for students to explore a variety of yoga tools through a creative process.

  • We'll work with breath, spatial awareness, rhythms both synchronous and asynchronous, yoga postures and much more. This truly is mindful movement at play!  


This program is set up as 2 separate series with a break in between.  Sign up for one at a time or both at the same time, as you wish. 


Series 1 
January 19th - March 2nd
Thursdays 3:30 4:30pm 
Grades : Kinder - 3rd  

| $210

April 6 - May18th
Thursdays 3:30 - 4:30pm 
Grades : Kinder - 3rd

| $210


What does it mean to be aware in our bodies? 

How does this awareness support our thinking, creativity and growth?

How does this shape the  way we walk in the world?
The way we see and hear others around us? 

How does listening to our own rhythms help us grow stronger and more perceptive of the rhythms that surround us, that connect us?

What does it mean to be in harmony with who we are and with all that surrounds us? How do we handle the bumps in the road?

As a mother, mover, yoga practitioner & teacher, I share these questions from the my ever growing list. These questions guide my own practice as well as the content and way in which I teach. 

 - Annelize Machado

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