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This Fall, we've invited Leap of Joy one of our favorite, local, non-profit organization to collaborate
with us & do what they do best - inspire us to stay healthy through dance!

Community collaboration is a new
initiative at Shakti Yoga & Holistic Wellness! It's our opportunity to give back & support other small organizations with big hearts - who share some our core values such as making the world a better place through joyful movement.

LoJ brings creative movement to young people in Austin public schools where access to suchart & enrichment activities are very limited or often not available. LoJ's classes are usually held after-school and offered at no cost to the kiddos attending. The funds raised through the classes at Shakti Yoga will go towards supporting their program development & staffing.

REGISTER HERE & get ready for this special dance series 
w/Dancer-Choreographer Kayur Patel & Leap of Joy 
9/30, 10/1 & 10/14

More Info below! Register from Desktop - Not Mobile

Kayur Patel is a community artist in Austin, Texas specializing in poetry, dance, theatre, and storytelling. Kayur recently performed with ACC Dance at the Texas Dance Improv Festival and at the American College Dance Association. You can find him performing at the Ground Floor Theater for Dance Carousel.  Kayur works as a teaching artist with Paramount Theatre, Austin Bat Cave, and Leap of Joy. He has led workshops for trauma healing through arts at the Georgetown Palace Theatre and at the Georgetown Art Center. Kayur has worked with artist communities as a performer and choreographer. He was selected as a featured artist at Austin Community College for his work regarding trauma and racial healing through art. 


Creative Movement

Ages 6 & up

9/30, 10/7 & 10/14

3 - 4:30pm

Choreography Class


Teen & Adult

9/30, 10/7 & 10/14

5 - 6:30pm

Mother and Baby

Dancing w/Baby

Coming Soon!

Dates TBA

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