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Spring Reset 2022
Registration open through now - March 28th
Tuesdays March 29th - May 10th | 7 - 8pm
*no meeting April 12th

Spring... to love or not to love? You know why I'm asking, don't you? How can one appreciate all the beauty that this season has to offer, like the gorgeous blooms, soaking in the sunshine or just being out in nature if we're just going to keep sneezing all day?! Chances are, you won't and that's not right. So let's do something about it.

Did you know that Ayurveda offers us a way to not feel and be so vulnerable to these environmental changes? The approach is to fortify the immune system naturally and pay close attention to how we adjust our foods and daily habits as we move from winter to spring. This is a very important transition. Think about the snow melting after a long winter, uncovering what was hidden beneath or had been accumulating for months. Just like this, our bodies are naturally beginning to shift from "winter mode" where we needed to have and store foods that were rich, heavy and sweet to keep us warm. Going into spring, our bodies and minds are already preparing for a cleanse, ready to release what we didn't use, feel lighter and welcome something new. 


Sluggishness, indigestion, difficulty waking in the morning, or being susceptible to sinus congestion are just 

some of the signs that your body could use a reset.

This year I'm looking forward to leading a six-week program for those interested in experiencing a new way of enjoying Spring. We will talk about how to set or reintroduce healthy habits when it comes to sleep, food, exercise, mind care and easy, daily routines. Success with any type of transformative process requires the right care & guidance. With this in mind, I'll be taking just a few clients for each of type of reset package so that I can spend the time required to create individual wellness plans, meet for therapeutic sessions as needed and check in with each of you over the six weeks.You can read more about each program below. Core is at the heart of the reset. Custom is suitable for those wanting to address something specific or chronic such as digestion/gut health, sleep imbalances, allergies, or skin health, for example. Ultimate is as close as we can get to full mind-body reset as it includes both Ayurvedic guidance and therapeutic yoga & movement in one-on-one sessions. We're all aware that good habits enhance health, and yet we have to be focused and intentional to keep them going. If you live in Austin area, consider the options that include group classes. All my classes this spring will focus on cleansing, making space, and will include elements of flow. Not to worry if you live outside of Austin, you can still join in. I'm looking forward to another season, another opportunity to grow and transform. How about you? You'll get to learn about the foundational principles of Ayurveda, put them into practice while give your mind and body recalibration.  


                                                                                                                     - Annelize



​Be part of a group & we'll do this together! We'll have weekly Zoom sessions, over the course of six weeks 3/29 - 5/10/22  


Each week we'll focus on a specific topic, (sleep/rest, nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing, for example). Our sessions will include a short exercise related to the topic and guidance on how to introduce /re-introducing a healthy habit that week. 

  • Receive a 30 minute follow-up via Zoom.  


Includes :

  • CUSTOM +

  • 90 min Therapeutic Movement Sessions(includes postural/movement assessment)

  • 3 x 60 min Private Yoga / Movement Sessions (In the first 90 minute session we'll identify your goals & create a plan for our sessions. We might focus on rest and mental wellbeing  increasing energy and supporting healthy weight; mobility; posture; managing chronic pain or a mix of any of these)

  • Complimentary 8 Class Pass -  group yoga pass to attend classes with community members over the six weeks, either in-person or virtual. 




Includes : 

  • CORE +

  • a 90-min Holistic Wellness Assessment (via Zoom)

  • a 30-min follow up at the end of the 6 Weeks (via Zoom)

  • Digestive teas + cooking spices

Must be able to attend 2 Yoga classes per week for the 6 weeks at the studio or via livestream. 


* Book this if you are already attending two group classes per week at the studio

*Otherwise, click here to register for the Customized Spring Reset w/12 Class Pass.       





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Accepting 11 Clients

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Accepting 5 Clients

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Accepting 3 Clients 

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