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Shakti Youth DANCE
 Fall Programming 2023


Storytelling through Dance


August 21st - September 25th

Mondays @ 4:30pm 
(6 Class Series | Ages 6+)

This series offers an introduction to and appreciation for one of India's most unique classical dance forms: Kathakali.


Kathakali is a "story play" genre of art from Kerala (South-western India) and is derived from 2 words... Katha = Story

and Kali = Dance.  Over 6 sessions this Fall students will learn the foundations of Kathakali body postures, hand gestures, facial expressions and rhythms for dance. 

Open to students ages 6+


Fee : $150 

     Storytelling through Dance 

   Youth Choreography Lab
October 16th - November 13th, 2023

Mondays @ 4:30pm

(5 Class Series | Ages 6 - 13 yrs)

 In this series students will gain an understanding of the art of choreography. We'll explore various facets of dance-making through gesture, poetry, rhythms, patterns, props and more!


No previous dance experience is necessary but if you have some, you'll be most welcome to pour that into your dance-making when we create our  "dance phrases". 


All classes will be guided with lots of room for your student's creativity and expression. This class is best suited for kids ages 6 and older. 

                          Fee : $135

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