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Thank you for considering a healing bodywork session with me.

Please note : although it may be unconventional for the service industry in the West, I have chosen not to accept any tips. Thank you for honoring this policy. It is my intention that you enjoy your session, stay open to the healing that your body wants to receive and leave each session feeling well & nourished. 



60 Minutes

Enjoy a full hour to rest in this session. Ideal for relaxation or focused areas (back / legs) needing restoration.

Swedish massage, assisted stretching or combination.


Foot Massage

90 Minutes

Choose relaxation, deep tissue or request more time on specific areas for your 90 minutes. Option to combine 60 minutes massage + 30 minutes of deep, guided meditation. 



120 Minutes

Select deep tissue, Swedish or a combination massage for 90 minutes, followed by a 30 minute guided meditation for deeper relaxation. Experience the singing bowl & tuning fork used in this session.


Image by Conscious Design

All bodywork services include :

  • hot towels

  • essential oils

  • warm tea served at the end of each session

If there's something that doesn't work for you, please let me know during your check in. Thank You!

Herbal Oils
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