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Ayurveda & Guided Wellness

Taking Notes

Discovery Call

Curious to learn more about Ayurveda? Get a better of idea of what to expect? Set up some time to ask questions, get information on what holistic wellness entails to help you decide.

Phone call or via Zoom. 


Health Checkup

Ayurvedic Wellness Assessment

This initial 2-hour in-depth assessment sets the foundation for our work together. Learn about your natural body constitution and clarify your  goals for health.  Receive a detailed wellness plan for foods, daily routines and suggestions for Ayurvedic herbal formulations, exercise and yoga.

In-Person or via Zoom.


60 Minute


Book for your holistic wellness

follow up or a session on a specific

topic such as skin care regimen, creating a home yoga routine, cooking lessons, meal planning

or healing sound & meditation session. In-person or via Zoom.

$101 | Bundles Available

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

30 Minute Appointment

Best for a quick wellness check in or a mind-body reset through guided breathwork, meditation or a combination.

Via Zoom.


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